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MyChron5 standard equipment

Standardlieferumfang AiM MyChron5
  • AiM MyChron 5
    Speed cable with clip
    GPS module
    lithium battery
    German manual
    2 years warranty

Article numbers and prices AiM MyChron 5


Art.-Nr. Bezeichnung Bild €/Stück*  
OM5-A-KF MyChron 5 mit Abgastemperatursensor KF MyChron5 Basic
516,00 €
OM5-A-M5 MyChron 5 mit Abgastemperatursensor M5 MyChron5 Basic
516,00 €
OM5-Z-CHT MyChron 5 mit Kerzentemperatursensor MyChron5 Basic
516,00 €
OM5-W-M10 MyChron 5 mit Wassertemperatursensor M10 MyChron5 Basic
510,00 €
OM5 MyChron 5 ohne Sensoren MyChron5 Basic
430,00 €
* Prices incl. VAT. Excl. Shipping and handling.

AIM MyChron5

AiM MyChron5AiM MyChron5AiM MyChron5AiM MyChron5
AIM MyChron 5 has a high-resolution graphic display for rpm, speed, lap times, transition, temperature (one or two at MC5 2T), satellite TV channels and the data of the connected extensions such as lambda or MyChron expansion. There can be multiple display pages freely configured and selected on the 4 button. The display illumination can be adjusted in 7 different colors and brightness controls a light sensor.
The integrated GPS module, the speed is detected, displayed on the screen and can later with additional GPS channels, for example, Mileage line, accelerations … are evaluated on a PC. The screwed-in lithium battery supplies the MyChron5 for ten hours with power and can then be exchanged or charged. It can also be powered from an external 12V battery.
MyChron 5 has two configurable in seven different colors alarm LEDs and 5 switching LEDs. The two alarm LEDs can be assigned to any measurement and switching LEDs can sequentially be adjusted selectively in full gear group and. Use the WiFi connection, the configuration can be transferred, downloaded the data or online readings are checked.
All sensors and cables, and MyChron expansion, Lambda system and SmartyCam from MyChron4 can also be used on MyChron5.
Logo CAN-Bus Technologie

CAN bus technology
Special MyChron5
freely configurable Graphic Display
multicolored configurable backlighting
5 RGB switching lamps
2 RGB alarm lights
Lap times with up to 5 interims
Light sensor for lighting
integrated GPS05 Module
WiFi connection
4GB Memory
lithium battery
Connection example AiM MyChron5

Anschlussbeispiel AiM MyChron5

Specifications AiM MyChron 5

Drehzahlmesser Term inductively from the ignition wire
Measuring range 0-60000 rpm
Zeitnahme Triggering via magnetic, infrared, manually or GPS
Lap times without limit, up to 5 interims
Measurement accuracy 1/100 sec.
Analogkanäle About MyChron Expansion
Temperatur 1 input
Thermocouple 0-999 ° C, accuracy + 0.75%
Thermal resistance up to 180 ° C, accuracy ± 1 °
2 Alarm LED’s when the fall bellow or exceed the set alarm values
Display in ° C or ° F
Geschwindigkeit Detection via integrated GPS or MyChron expansion with sensor
Ganganzeige Calculated from the speed and GPS speed
Stecker 1x Binder 711-3g | 1x Binder 711-4 | 1x Binder 711-5
Schaltblitz 5 freely configurable RGB LEDs
freely selectable for each gear
Zusatzfunktionen Display of difference to the fastest lap at the intermediate times
Predictive lap time calculation
WiFi connection
Light sensor for display lighting
Freely configurable display
2 RGB alarm lamps, freely configurable
multicolor backlight
Datenspeicher non-volatile memory 4 GB
Datenübertragung WiFi 802.11 or DataKey
Stromversorgung internal lithium battery (10 hours)
optional external 12V battery
Updates Software and firmware updates for free via Internet
Abmaße Housing: 137 x 88 x 47
Display: 94.6 x 46.1
Gewicht 340 gr

The functions of the MyChron5

Funktionen AiM MyChron5
1 2 RGB Alarmlampen, frei konfigurierbar 2 integriertes GPS Modul 3 WiFi Modul
4 5 RGB Schaltlampen, frei konfigurierbar 5 4 Display Metallbutton mit verschiedenen Funktionen 6 Analoge Drehzahlanzeige, frei konfigurierbar
7 Ganganzeige 8 Lichtsensor für Beleuchtung 9 Anzeige der Rundenanzahl
10 Anzeige Geschwindigkeit 11 Anzeige Rundenzeiten 12 frei konfigurierbarer Displayteil

The connections of MyChron5

Anschlüsse AiM MyChron5
1 Anschluss 3 pin für Temperatursensor 2 Anschluss 4 pin für Rundenzeit 3 Anschluss 5 pin für Erweiterungen oder Stromversorgung
4 Anschluss für Drehzahlsensor 5 Wechselbare Lithium Batterie 6 M8 Befestigungsschraube

Zubehör für MyChron5

AIM Zubehör Drehzahl AIM Zubehör Hubs AIM Zubehör Kabel AIM Zubehör Rundenzeit AIM Zubehör Steckverbinder AIM Zubehör Stromversorgung AIM Zubehör Temperatur
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