Karting track reopening

Kartshop Eichinger Austria will open again in 2020 a kart track with kartshop and catering.

Our Kids Karting Club then gets a new location.

In 2018 a property was bought for a permanent kart track. Location is Lower Austria

After the closure of our built kart track Stetteldorf am Wagram (2004-2016) we found a suitable plot for our project after 3 years of searching.


  • Companies Kart Race
  • Groups Kart races 
  • Team kart racing
  • children’s birthday
  • Our existing kartshop will be relocated to the new location
  • Kids Kart Racing Club
  • gastronomy
  • Workshop – car service stadium – rental workshop

A racing asphalt on the new kart track will provide Mega Grip!

  • Karts 270ccm
  • State-of-the-art software for our customers to register and manage their race times on our kart track
  • Formula 1 traffic light control

The program of own events will be like on our first kart track of the kart track Stetteldorf am Wagram.

  • Open Race Kart World Championship Every 2 Thursday
  • Kart racing for old and young
  • Long distance kart race
  • Kids kart racing for children from 5 years

Kartbahn Ziersdorf  B4 Racing Kart Center
  • Distance about 500 meters
  • Lighting system for evening operation
  • Gastronomy – snack
  • Contact: +43 664-4328005
  • Internet: www.kartbahn.cc

Contact – Email

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